About Us

The story of Florida is
one of potential.

From the first explorers to our citrus farmers, those who call our beautiful state home know that in order to succeed, it takes hard work and perseverance.

But right now, those who call Florida home are unable to see our state’s full potential, because the real issues working families are facing are being ignored in favor of partisanship and divisiveness. Floridians deserve better.

That’s why the Florida Leadership Council was founded. Our diverse members have served at all levels of state government, both behind the scenes and in public office, and we know that by supporting mainstream values of education, public safety, private enterprise, personal freedom, racial equity, and a sustainable environment, we can ensure that Florida can once again live up to its potential.

The Florida Leadership Council’s goal is to rebuild leadership in Florida so that we can get back to focusing on the real issues and create an environment where working families can thrive for decades to come.

Collectively, the Florida Leadership Council has the experience, judgment, and commitment to identify and support good candidates. We know what goes into a winning campaign, because we’ve been there ourselves. We believe we have a unique opportunity before us to leverage our knowledge to identify and uplift the next generation of Florida leaders.

Our Members

Bob Butterworth

Fmr. Florida Attorney General

Larry Smith

Fmr. Congressman

Buddy McKay

Fmr. Governor of Florida

Alex Sink

Fmr. Florida CFO

Nan Rich

Broward County Commissioner

Fred Lippman

Fmr. State Representative

Sam Bell

Fmr. State Representative

Sean Shaw

Fmr. State Representative

J.C. Planas

Fmr. State Representative

Ron Silver

Fmr. State Senator

Winston Gardner Jr.

Fmr. State Senator

Anne Gannon

Palm Beach Tax Collector

Betty Castor

Fmr. Education Commissioner

Tom Gustafson

Fmr. Speaker

Jon Mills

Fmr. Speaker

Elaine Bloom

Fmr. State Representative